Career Spotlight

Juliet Barratt – Non Executive Director and Co Founder of Grenade

Why did you choose to pursue a career in Marketing?

I didn’t, I went in to teaching and developed training but I am a very touchy feely tactile person, I have always been into brands, even as far as looking at all the bottles on the shelf in the airport’s duty free – it fascinates me. I am an out the box thinker and like to have fun which lends itself nicely to marketing. My background is in building a brand, Alan was always sales and my forte was what things looked like – hence the marketing.

Tell us about your career journey in marketing so far?

Starting in education then moving into starting a brand and the move into marketing my own brand. I developed all the packaging for Grenade and the advertising collateral, as well as trade shows and came up with all the experiential gorilla stuff, that’s it really and as you know, about 9 weeks ago Grenade sold for £200m to Mondelez.

What has been a career highlight for you?

When you see your product in store for the first time, it gives you a real buzz. When you start building the community around the brand, and there is a genuine love from the products, that a real high. The experiential stuff is great too, driving a tank around London was great and got a lot of eyes on the brand.

What’s the biggest challenge you have faced?

Staffing. Building a great marketing team is really important, digital isn’t my forte so building a strong team around that was really important to be able to adapt to different situations. Also justifying spend and ROI to Sales and Finance teams, sometimes you can’t always put a price on spend or measure the output on marketing so that is always an ongoing challenge.

Where do you see the future of marketing heading and how your career will develop with that? 

My career in marketing now is working with other brands in Non-Exec and Chairman roles, brand building and making sure we are talking to consumers, building the marketing teams and the look and feel of the products is where I help them develop.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Oh gosh, don’t stay out in the sun to long, don’t get angry all of those sort of things – don’t drink too much! Do what you love and enjoy what you do – you spend a lot of time at work and I think it can be a chore otherwise. Stay true to your brand and what you believe in, if you believe something is right – follow that. Always make sure you know what you set out to achieve, with Grenade, we never set out for the short term, it was always about building longevity and building the brand. We never did anything for short term sales, it was all very genuine and we tried to talk to consumers and these are the things I do – don’t go in to it to make money – do it because you love it and you genuinely believe in it.


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