Career Spotlight

James MacDonald – Head of Marketing


Why did you choose to pursue a career in Marketing?

By accident! I always wanted to be an aircraft technician – marketing wasn’t on my radar! My Dad has his own company and I started helping him out with a website build, I found a love for the technical side of it. At school I then learnt coding and JavaScript and this was really the start for me. I wanted to understand more, I wanted to learn the how and why. From here I took a dive into the ever evolving world of SEO – trial and error and very much self-taught. I understood early on, content was king, and it still is. It all evolved from there.

What has been a career highlight for you?

Seeing my team and individuals succeed and their careers develop. My proudest moments have been celebrating their achievements, I have watched one of my team talk at a Google Conference and I have witnessed one of my interns develop their career into now a Director. Mentoring, supporting and developing people are huge highlights for me.

What’s the biggest challenge you have faced?

The constant challenge in performance marketing is sales being low and cost to acquire high – it’s a consistent balance and challenge to find new ways to improve and be better.

Where do you see the future of marketing heading and how your career will develop with that?

I think we are heading very much into an automated space. Year on year more and more functions are automated and a performance marketers’ role as it is now will become much more custodian. Marketing is constantly evolving and so as we move away from a role as we know it now, there will be new technologies and methodologies developed. We are already looking at mediums demanding rich content and I think this will continue to be a focus, with the likes of video and evolving social media platforms. Marketers will pay a lot of attention to key audiences and personas and tailor campaigns to these, making sure the message is clear and aimed for the audience it will reach.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

‘Test quicker, learn faster’ – being hesitant to embrace new medias, platforms and technologies only delays the inevitable – trial it on a small scale and assess when the right time to launch will be.


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